100 Day Summer Sew-along request for prize donation

100 Day Summer Sew-along

Thank you for considering being a sponsor or donating a prize to the 2022 edition of the 100 Day Summer Sew-along!

After the successful sew-along last summer we're back for another summer of hand-sewing! 

Why a summer sew-along?

After another dreary winter working from home, I'm looking to spend as much time outside as possible this summer. I'm also the type of person that needs to be doing something with her hands. I still want to create, but don't want to be confined to my basement sewing room. Therefore, a simple block- or shape-at-a-time project will be perfect and easy to bring along wherever my day takes me.

Sew-along schedule & Coles notes

Registration: participants will register via newsletter form (I use Flodesk) with first name, email address and IG handle. All participant information will be private. 

The sew-along is open internationally - I will ship the winning prize package, using the most cost effective means possible (I'm taking on this expense) so that everyone who would like to participate is included. 

Prep work: the remainder of the month of June. While not as much prep time as last year (we've been dealing with multiple illnesses and injuries {non-covid} the past few months so I'm delayed getting this out) I'm encouraging people to shop their stashes and scraps this year!

Kick off: Friday July 1st

Check ins: every 10 blocks/shapes (10 divides into 100 nicely for equal check ins!)
July 10th, July 20th, July 30th, August 9th, August 19th, August 29th, September 8th, September 18th, September 28th & October 8th. Please note: these dates are North American based (I'm Eastern Central Time, in Canada), so if folks are participating from another time zone that is drastically different, I'm asking that they please try to post their check-ins in advance. 

Last day: Saturday October 8th! 

Prize qualification: on Wednesday October 12th I'll be posting an Instagram post for those who completed all of their check-ins to let me know. Participants should comment with FINISHED on the post and I'll use these comments to determine the qualifying list for the grand prize. I'll keep the list in order based on registrations and remove anyone who did not complete the 10 check-ins. Then using a random number generator I'll draw the winning name, confirm they've completed all check-ins and announce the winner! I'll need the winner to provide me with a shipping address at this time. 

Sponsors & Prizes

I'm hoping to gather a collection of goodies, fabrics, tools and notions that would be used for hand-sewing purposes. I'll obviously be donating a collection of Sew Fine Thread Gloss, and I would love to have some other products to "sweeten the pot" and give participants the motivation to finish. 

If you're willing to donate an item, please email me at jenn(at)sewfine(dot)ca. Please also forward your logo and item details. If you are able to ship the item directly to me I'll consolidate all of the prizes and ship them all together. 

Alternatively (or in addition), if you're willing to provide a promo code for patterns or products that would benefit this hand-sewing event, that would be greatly appreciated as well. 

Please reach out if you have any questions. I've soft launched pre-registration and would love to have a prize sponsor list with products and logos for participants to get excited about when we start the event. 

xo – Jenn