Postal/Shipping information

Mar 8, 2021

Please be patient as I work through getting remaining QuiltCon orders shipped - I received a very large number of orders (thank you all!!) and as I'm a one-woman show, its taking me time to get them all out. I appreciate your support and patience as I work as fast as I can.  


Jan 26, 2021

Canada Post is facing significant delays processing cross-border packages, as 350 employees were sent home to isolate due to a COVID-19 outbreak at their Mississauga Gateway facility. This is the main Ontario facility where packages cross the border into/out of the United States. 

Read the CTV News article here.

Please be patient and continue tracking your packages on either the Canada Post website or the USPS website. 


Tracking your package

Did you know that you can track your Sew Fine Thread Gloss order through both the Canada Post and USPS websites? For those customers in the US, the tracking code that you get on the shipping confirmation email works on the USPS website once it has crossed the border. If you've been tracking your order's progress on the Canada Post website, and it seems to not have updated, please check the status on the USPS website. Once the package has crossed the border, the CP tracking doesn't always update, whereas you'll see the most recent activity on the USPS website.