Have you ever wanted to learn how to needle-turn appliqué but didn't know where to start? Worried about how to turn different shapes/corners? Well have I got a shape for you! 

The Squircle!

A squircle is an organic blend of a square and a circle - essentially a rounded corner square - that is meant to be free cut and have its own personality. It rose to fame as part of the Aerial Grove Quilt by Carolyn Friedlander (in Savor Each Stitch) but is perfect on its own as well!

As part of the 100 Day Summer Sew-along I created this little video showing how I make a squircle! They're super easy, and quite addictive to sew! And by working on a shape with smooth curves you can get the hang of the technique without stressing about any sharp corners or concave curves. 

I hope this helps those who are wanting to try needle-turn appliquéing!

xo - Jenn


  • Mary Lynn said:

    I love this! thanks for the tips, and I can’t wait to try some Sew Fine thread gloss :)

    September 10, 2021

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