tame your threads!

no more tangled, knotted or static-y threads


Until further notice, I've removed the $2 Canadian shipping option. This is the only shipping option that would require me to physically bring a package into a post office. To do my part in self-isolating, I will only have shipping options available that allow me to either drop a package ready for shipment into a postal box, or have a drop-ship company pick up without any interaction.

PLEASE shop with your local fabric/quilting shops – they need your support more than ever right now! See my Stockists page above for their links. xoxo

easy to use

Simply thread your needle, and lay the thread over the tin. Apply pressure with your thumb and pull the thread across the top of the wax. Repeat if needed.

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I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares.

~ Saul Bass

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