Big news! Soak Wash Inc. has acquired Sew Fine Thread Gloss.
We couldn’t be more excited.

Soak is the company that makes our favourite laundry soap, ironing spray and other awesome products that help us make, clean and care for our creations. They really “get” our brand and our customers: Soak is very much aligned with makers and sewists, and with people who think things like slow fashion and sustainability, kindness and ethical business practices are important.

Soak can still manufacture this beloved product locally, which we love, but they can do it at a much greater scale. Which means something that will make you all very happy: Sew Fine Thread Gloss will always be available in 6 core scents, so you can pick it up anytime. And we will be able to take our distribution global, so sewists and makers all over the world can make their stitching smoother and more fun.

“I have grown the company as much as I can, and I approached Soak with the hopes they will be able to keep that momentum going. I am beyond excited that Soak and their founder Jacqueline Sava will be leading Sew Fine Thread Gloss into the future — they were quick to understand the brand and see the opportunity for growth. Also, it was important to me that production remain as local as possible, and I’m happy to say it will still be made in Canada. Your favourite thread gloss is in great hands!” 
— Jenn McMillan, Founder, Sew Fine Thread Gloss

“Sew Fine Thread Gloss is the perfect addition to the Soak family of brands, aligning nicely with our ironing spray, laundry wash and other accessories for modern sewists. We have the capacity to really scale production, and the network to bring this delightful, trusted brand to a wider audience on a regular basis.” 
— Jacqueline Sava, Soak Founder and CEO

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