Big News!

Sew Fine Thread Gloss is a beeswax based scented (and unscented) thread conditioner to help tame your unruly threads and make your hand-sewing a more enjoyable experience. 

Sew Fine Thread Gloss was developed because of a lack of more natural thread conditioners within the sewing industry. Beeswax has been used for generations by tailors and sewists alike to provide needed strength to natural threads and allows for less drag as the thread glides through the fabric with ease. 

Packaged in a convenient recyclable tin, our thread gloss is portable, travel friendly and won't pick up stray threads or debris as a loose block of beeswax would.

Lightly scented, you have the ability to set the mood for your hand-sewing session or choose a scent based on the season. Think of it as aromatherapy while you sew! Phthalate free fragrance oils are used in our scented versions as these oils are bath and body safe, colourless, and water soluble – meaning any residual fragrance can be washed out. Essential oils will NEVER be used in Sew Fine Thread Gloss and this is why

Land Acknowledgement Statement

We acknowledge that we work and live on the traditional and unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishinabeg peoples. 

Diversity and Inclusion statement

Sew Fine Thread Gloss is a pro-LGBTQ2S+, anti-racist company and welcomes people from all backgrounds, races, ethnicities, sizes, abilities, identities and preferences. We believe in fair, equal treatment for our fellow humans and nothing less than basic human decency. 

Hi there! I'm Jenn.

I’m a graphic designer, quilter and fabric obsessed sewist living in rural Ottawa, Ontario Canada. I'm also the maker behind Sew Fine Thread Gloss. I like to call myself the thread whisperer. 



I've been sewing since I can remember. I was taught to sew on an old Singer Featherweight and have dabbled in various forms of textile arts my entire life. Growing up around family members who sewed, I was always curious about the various trinkets and notions that were used and collected. I remember digging through my grandmother's sewing kit and pulling out a gnarled chunk of beeswax, later finding out what she used it for - taming her threads.

For years I've used beeswax in my own sewing, and now I'm sharing my thread gloss with the rest of the world! 

My first Sew-lebrity collaboration with Carolyn Friedlander launched in the fall of 2018 – check out the details here! I've sinced worked on a limited edition collaboration with UK textile designer Karen Lewis - details here! My collaboration with fellow Canadian and rad fabric designer Libs Elliott launched in the spring of 2019 - details here and in late 2019 Blair Stocker and I produced a custom collection for Wise Craft Handmade - details here!